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Say Hello To The Little Fellow!

So, let’s just start out by saying lizards and other reptiles are NOT my thing!

Having said this, I photographed an interesting Brown Anole yesterday as he was showcasing his brightly colored dewlap. (That would be the orange part.)

You can tell this lizard is a male by the colorful dewlap. If you live in Florida, you know the lizard quickly retracts his dewlap when he wants to be hidden from predators (according to what I’ve read).

It looks like tiny studs or diamonds covering the dewlap, which as you’ll notice also has a bright yellow border.

Although I’ve read the Brown Anole makes a great pet, I will pass on that particular opportunity. It would not be my cup of tea, although I found the dewlap colors and pattern interesting to look at up close. (Well, okay, from the distance of a telephoto lens … let’s don’t get too crazy here!)

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