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Seashells for the Seashore on January 25

Surprisingly, I read that today, January 25, is recognized as National Florida Day, and what better way to honor the state than with our treasured seashells!

Although I didn’t know there’s a national day of recognition for Florida, it doesn’t surprise me since the state is so popular with residents and visitors alike. And while Florida certainly isn’t the only state with seashells, they’re especially pretty here.

Shells offer a wide variety of creative uses and inspirations, from paintings and jewelry to fashioned ornaments and mobiles. They’re often displayed in pretty bowls and other vessels, and my primary creative interest in them is photography.

Taking pictures of seashells while walking beaches is something I really enjoy, and although not quite as much, I also enjoy photographing them in the studio where you can work with darkly dramatic backdrops absent the bright sun.

In addition to special shells that caught my eye on beaches over the years, my small collection also includes ones given to me, like recently when someone handpicked favorites from the beach for my birthday gift. Also, I have some interesting shells/fossils from when my house was being built. The property is on the banks of a large lake that previously was a rock mine, and when the earth was turned for construction, I found some fascinating relics of the past.

It would be impossible to pick a favorite kind of shell. I’m fascinated by their many shapes and colors, and some of have unique markings and textures that make them really stand out.

Sometimes I’ll see a shell that makes me think of someone, and I’ll give it to them after bringing it home. There’s a special one I picked for someone but didn’t give that’s wrapped in a small piece of velvet. Some I’ve picked out for myself. And, others have gone to good homes when something caught my eye as a perfect small gift. They’re truly gems of nature!

Today’s post features some of my photographs of shells. There are some you’ll recognize as having been shot inside the studio, and others in their natural beach environment. Probably the best way to differentiate the two would be moody and dark (more formal), and sunny and bright (more casual).

So, as we celebrate National Florida Day today, let’s recognize the seashell treasures we’re fortunate to have in our beautiful state!

Do you collect seashells? What are your favorite colors and shapes? Please comment below!

January 24, 2022



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