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Setting The Scene

Today is a throwback to a blog post I did called “The Creative Life Is The Beautiful Life,” which features some items I treasure and used to style a scene for flat lay photographs.

Here’s an excerpt from the post to set the stage:

“Driving home I had decided to do two things – (1) shoot the flowers with a close-up, macro lens to show that first appearances can be deceiving, and (2) style a scene that would include the flowers; a small burlap bag; a Shakespeare book I used years ago in college as an English Literature major; the matching jumble of ribbon I’ve used in some other recent photographs; and a pair of antique eyeglasses (bi-focals, no less) that belonged to one of my ancestors in the Evans family (and the case from an A.K. Hawkes Company at 14 Whitehall Street in Atlanta, Georgia).”

– The Daily Artisan

Check out the post and more of the photographs – enjoy!

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August 29, 2022
August 31, 2022



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