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Shrimp For Dinner, Anyone?

Shrimp. Ah, shrimp. What more can I say than I love to cook it, eat it, serve it, and photograph it (not necessarily in that order)!

Over the years, I’ve cooked shrimp in so many ways I’ve lost track. The only thing I know I’ve NEVER done with shrimp is make it into a dessert, although I’ve read of people sautéing shrimp and pouring melted chocolate over it.

Let’s just say that one’s pretty far down on my list of things to do …

One of my favorite ways to cook shrimp is shown in this photograph, which I quickly shot before ringing the supper bell for digging in!

It’s roasted in the oven on a large sheet pan, along with little ears of corn on the cob; chorizo (or andouille) sausage; diced garlic; and petite red potatoes – of course all thickly slathered in a mix of freshly squeezed lemon juice; Worcestershire Sauce; and the iconic Old Bay Seasoning (included in a previous post about my very favorite things in my kitchen).

When the other items are about done, the shrimp is added to them on the sheet pan and roasted until it takes on that pinkish/burnt-orangy char and color. Ah. Shrimp.

For The Daily Artisan blog, I’ve previously posted about shrimp a few times with “A Shrimp By Any Other Name …;” “Winter’s Coming … To Southwest Florida!;” and “Sheet Pan Suppers.” Included are lots of my photographs of shrimp and shrimp dishes.

In the meantime, shrimp for dinner anyone? Bring your appetite!

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