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Sneaky Squirrel

Let me start out by just saying I’m not a big fan of squirrels. (Sorry to any and all squirrel lovers!)

They seem very sneaky and crafty, and I always get the feeling they’re going to fly out of a tree and go for my jugular!

I’ll take a cow any day — at least you know when a cow’s coming for you.

Yesterday I was trying out a telephoto lens much larger than my usual, and I saw something moving around up in a tree and was excited to photograph whatever it was. I about had a heart attack when this squirrel suddenly came into view and looked inches away from my face through the long telephoto lens!

Does pretty bokeh in the background make up for a sinister squirrel??! I think not. Regardless, I suspect these will be my one and done squirrel photos by The Daily Artisan!

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December 30, 2022
January 1, 2023



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