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Some Favorite Moments

As we close out 2021, The Daily Artisan appreciates your following and supporting the daily blog, photography galleries, and online store! I recognize that time is precious and you have choices for where to spend yours, so thank you for being a part of The Daily Artisan. 

Today I thought it would be fun to pull 12 favorite quotes from the (now 53 total) blog posts since starting The Daily Artisan in November, and feature them here as links to the original posts.

And, below the 12 quotes are 12 blog post photographs – each one is connected to a pull quote. See if you can match them up.

So, let’s get started!

ONE: “Over the years, I’ve beach walked in it; silly danced in it; sat on the sand watching the sun set with my knees pulled up to my chest under it; flirted in it; afternoon napped in it; twirled in it; laughed in it; eaten a coconut popsicle in it; missed in it; read books in it; cried in it; had long phone conversations in it; and daydreamed in it.” 

TWO: “These exclamations will last only up until the moment the filled dish is placed in front of them, the cream rivulets slowly trickling down the warm sides, and a spoon handed over (do this part at the very last moment!).”

THREE: “I remember throwing on duck boots and a heavy coat over my pajamas and running about a hundred yards with my camera to get the shot. I’d seen through the windows the way the rising sun was trying to burn off the heavy fog that laid over the lake, and I knew what I wanted.”

FOUR: “I remembered something that as a young girl I really enjoyed creating and typing – lists of things! So, today I thought it would be fun to recreate this kind of Q&A list I used to make on my little blue typewriter, and share it for your answers. (At first I didn’t plan to answer the questions for myself, but thought it only fair if I’m asking you to answer them!)”

FIVE: “As for the magic behind it, well, the best way I can describe it is like you’ve stepped into a secret, enchanted world with stunning hues of blue that slip over and bathe everything in sight.  

It’s the closest I’ve ever felt I could touch a color.”

SIX: “Each day I found myself choosing to do one of the fulfilling and creative pursuits that for my entire adult life have been marginally squeezed in where precious time away from my career would allow. Photography and baking and writing and drawing and reading and painting came to the forefront, and my days now are devoted to these things that are filling my life with beauty and creativity.”

SEVEN: “Paper dolls were precious to me as a child, and I have never stopped loving them!  I guess these are my adult version that you create first in your mind and then with your hands.”

EIGHT: “These were not the photographs I wanted to make. They seemed more science than art, and I wanted to feel things both when I shot the pictures and when I looked at them later. I knew what kind of photographs were in my heart, and I had to get out of my head to find them.”

NINE: “I realized there’s something about making bread … you can’t outwork it or outthink it or outmanage it.  It has a time of its own with the proof and the rise, and watching it be bread on its own terms slows you down and brings a quietude not always found in our busy lives.  Bread being bread gives you time to think about things, to reflect on things that needed a pause.”

TEN: “There are times while photographing something your heart begins to race, and the colors and light have a hypnotic effect as your eye and the camera lens are stunned by a natural beauty. And today was one of those times where I became lost in the glory of these fading pink cottage roses.”

ELEVEN: “Mary Catherine Grace is for me a beautiful symbol of hope and perseverance in that sometimes if we keep looking, we find something even better than what we thought we wanted in the first place!” 

TWELVE: “These big, deep colors in the sunsetting sky are powerful and stirring, and they inspire boldness and racing hearts and minds full of strong thoughts and emotions.  And, yet, at the same time these same shades cause us to slow down, take a pause, and quietly acknowledge that nightfall is near and thus the end of another day before we start fresh tomorrow with a new one.”

Can you match the photos to the pull quotes? Some are more obvious than others!

January 1, 2022



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