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Sunset Sky, And Movie Projector Photographs Selected As Competition Features! (First One)

Photographs of a purple and pink sunsetting sky, and Thomas Edison’s original movie projector invention have been selected in competitions as features on Instagram hubs!

The first one is a shot of the original movie projector invented by Thomas Alva Edison, and it’s displayed in the Edison Ford Winter Estates Museum in Fort Myers, Florida. Edison was a prolific inventor, and there are hundreds of such things to see as you take a step back in time.

This Instagram hub is @asi_es_antiguo, currently with 653 followers – and is part of a family of 77 individual hubs! I’m grateful for the opportunity to have The Daily Artisan introduced to new viewers. The hub previously selected two other photographs for features: (1) pink roses with antique bottles and crock; and (2) old fountain and tile mosaic in a chapel courtyard.

Here’s the Instagram announcement about the new selection – thank you, @asi_es_antiguo!

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July 12, 2022



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