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That Turquoise Skirt!

There’s this full, gauzy-cotton, blowy-in-the-wind turquoise skirt that hangs in my closet just waiting for adventure!  The best way to wear it is with an old banged-up t-shirt of any color and faded sneakers.  That’s when the skirt really comes alive!

Over the years, I’ve beach walked in it; silly danced in it; sat on the sand watching the sun set with my knees pulled up to my chest under it; flirted in it; afternoon napped in it; twirled in it; laughed in it; eaten a coconut popsicle in it; missed in it; read books in it; cried in it; had long phone conversations in it; and daydreamed in it.  It truly is an all-purpose skirt!  

I don’t pull it on every week but when I do, something exciting’s bound to happen!  Do you have a piece of clothing like this that always promises an adventure when you wear it??

When I was thinking about these skirt adventures, of course my mind went to its turquoise color – one of my favorites – and I set about looking through my photographs, and also searching for turquoise items to shoot for this blog post.  So, here goes … !

1:  Pillows from one of the collections my mother and I collaborated on.  She made the pillows and I designed them.  There are sets in turquoise and blue; purple and green; and navy and yellow.

2:  My favorite place – Boca Grande, Florida – on an afternoon of wonderful waves!  The turquoise skirt has visited there often and has plans to return.

3:  Some of the jewelry I make.  It’s really not always turquoise – I just pulled some of it to fit this theme.

4:  Silicone oven gloves made by Loveuing.  Am I the only one who wants kitchen gloves instead of mittens when pulling food out of a 450-degree oven??

5:  THAT turquoise skirt!

6:  Are words really necessary here??  Okay – special, memorable, lasting.

7:  From my bookshelves because if you can’t be AT the beach, you should have it close at hand!

8:  Turquoise art supplies in an antique, metal flower frog for making floral arrangements and keeping them in place.  In front is the Pantone Matching System Formula Guide from my first job after college – I still rely on it when matching and selecting colors.

9:  Water flowing under beautiful, chipped turquoise tiles in the courtyard of the Chapel of our Lady of Mercy on Boca Grande – a quiet, grace-filled place where changing sky lights make for stunning colors.

So, what’s that adventurous piece of clothing in your closet that never disappoints??  Be sure to comment below!

November 18, 2021



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