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The Drama Of Orange From My Backyard

You may think a lifelong, diehard, bleeds-red-and-black fan of the UGA Bulldogs would steer clear of the color orange (think UF Gators …), but when it comes to sunsets and dramatic skies in my backyard, I’m on team (stunning) orange!

Technically, on the color wheel, orange is midway between red and yellow, and it’s one of those colors that has the power to evoke strong emotions and feelings. I happen to especially like it paired with green, which is why I designed my logo for The Daily Artisan in tones of orange and green.

But, my biggest moments with orange are when my camera and I stand before it at sunsets and cloud formations that leave you speechless. You just don’t need words at a time like this. All you need to do is remember to breathe and take it all in while you’re shooting away.

Today’s post by The Daily Artisan features some of my photographs of dramatic orange scenes – all shot from my backyard where I live in Florida. (I also have photos of beautiful backyard sunsets in other colors like blues and purples but will save them for another post.)

You’ll notice some of these photographs were shot through the lanai screen (during or just after rain) because I thought it made for an interesting textured view.

Previously I posted Time Slows and Hearts Race in the Golden Hour about that magical, brief period just before sunset when the world takes on a golden hue. However, the photos in today’s post were taken after the golden hour, actually much closer to nightfall.

For non-Floridians who may not know this, in a couple of the photos you’ll see circular patterns on the top of the lake. We call these fish swirls, and they happen at the end of the day when the fish come up to feed, often on schools of smaller fish swimming by. If you listen closely, you can hear them break the water surface- both the chasers and the chased!

Enjoy the show – with some of nature’s finest we’re blessed to see in this part of the world and my backyard!

Do you love sunsets? Where are some of your favorite places to watch them? Please comment below!



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