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The (Not So Heavy) Metals

If asked to say the first adjective that comes to mind for the word “metal,” it would be “heavy” as in “heavy metal” (even though primarily I’m a country music fan).

However, today’s post by The Daily Artisan has nothing to do with music (metal or otherwise), but instead it’s a compilation of some of my photographs in gold, silver, bronze, and other metal colors.

Recently, I’ve enjoyed pulling together this type of color theme for my photographs, including posts on The Daily Artisan website for blue, red, pink, yellow/orange, green, and black backgrounds.

Today’s post features photographs of outdoor scenes, artwork, crafts, food, photography props, and other findings in the metal colors of gold, silver, pewter, copper, galvanized steel, and bronze.

At first, I wasn’t sure there would be enough photographs for a collection but I was surprised at how many I have in these colors.

Enjoy (and rock out if you’re so inclined)!

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