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Throwback Tacos (And Other Favorites From A Southern Childhood)!

Today’s post is a throwback to one I wrote last year called “Those Cherished Childhood Southern Dishes.” It included my kitchen recreation of the tacos station I grew up with!

Check out the original blog post and see my list of childhood (iconic??) dishes that some of you will recognize, including with these excerpts:

“Tacos with the proverbial “station” of toppings of your choosing to go on the meat in a hard taco shell. Actually, I don’t think I knew of a soft taco shell until I went away to college!”

“Boiled peanuts. Best eaten outdoors by the barn.”

“Fried catfish and homemade hush puppies. The large hush puppies would be cut in half, and the middles scooped out so handpicked catfish – minus the bones – could be placed inside. Our parents and grandparents used to do these non-stop at the dinner table until the children were eating them faster than the production. Around this time, we received a lesson on how to stuff hush puppies with catfish.”

“Tater Tots. Recently I saw these on a restaurant menu, but with the pared-down name of (just) “Tots.” I didn’t appreciate this modern edit.”

“Molded jello with fruit pieces inside. If you’re not of a certain age range, this one will escape you. Let it.”

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November 26, 2022



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