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Two Flower Photographs Selected As Instagram Features! (Second One)

Two of my flower photographs have been selected in competitions as features on Instagram hubs!

This second one was for a hub’s themed competition of “Peach,” and it’s a studio shot of roses I took focusing on one in the foreground, and using macro technique for the soft, blur of the background roses.

This particular hub is @colorquestweekly, currently with 1,003 followers. This is my fourth win from this Instagram hub, and I’m very grateful for the introduction to the beautiful hub’s followers. The previous photographs selected were (1) (for my first-ever win!) red rosebud with pink and red background; (2) mosaic floating plant on a pond; and (3) multicolored parrot.

Here’s the Instagram announcement about the new selection – thank you, @colorquestweekly!

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