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VISIT: Coconut Point Open-Air Mall

Coconut Point is an open-air mall in Estero, Florida that offers stores and restaurants as expected, but also a special vibe and experience when visiting in the late afternoon and staying through dinner into the evening.

I’d been a patron there for years before an early dinner showed me that when the sun goes down, Coconut Point becomes a magical place of sunsets and twinkling lights.

Typically, we think of shopping malls as concrete and asphalt, but Coconut Point is on a completely different level. With more than 110 stores and restaurants, Coconut Point opened in 2006 with a beautiful architectural design and walking layout. It continues to provide visitors and local residents great shopping and dining experiences.

I just didn’t know about the magical nights there.

This post today by The Daily Artisan is the third in a series of “VISIT” places I go and photograph. I’m pleased to share the Coconut Point open-air mall. The VISIT series’ first installment was Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens in Punta Gorda, and the second post was The Wonder Gardens in Bonita Springs. Each VISIT post ends with links to all the locations visited to date.

Coconut Point’s close proximity to the literal edge of the west coast of Florida means exquisite sunsets, particularly enjoyed while walking through the spacious open-air setting or dining at one of the many outdoor patio restaurants.

And not to be insensitive to our friends in other parts of the country, but let’s face it, we know we’re lucky here that in the middle of January, we can comfortably sit outside for dinner – maybe, just maybe, on a rare evening wearing a light jacket or long sleeves – with our shorts and boat shoes!

Many of my favorite stores are located at Coconut Point – Barnes & Noble; Sephora; Apple; Sola Salon Studios; COCO Art Gallery; Panera Bread, to name a few I often visit during the daytime – but I was surprised to see how the place literally lights up as sunset approaches, and casts an intimate and inviting glow.

After enjoying this unanticipated experience a few times, I was drawn to take my camera and photograph the Coconut Point sights at dusk, and I’m sharing some of the pictures in this blog post.

Southwest Florida is in high season at this time of year, so I’d make reservations for dinner, especially if you’re planning to time it with one of the greatest shows on earth – another jaw-dropping, soul-rousing sunset in our backyard!

If you’re not having dinner, you may be enjoying shopping, or window shopping some of the beautifully lit store windows – or seeing a movie at the theater – or better yet, walking around the mall with your frozen gelato or ice cream cone because we can do this at Coconut Point in January!

Visit Coconut Point and you’ll enjoy walking through the enchanting nights and lights!

Coconut Point is located at 23106 Fashion Drive, Estero, FL 33928. For more information including a directory of all stores, restaurants and businesses, visit https://www.simon.com/mall/coconut-point. Be sure to check out the website’s information on the seasonal (October – April) Farmers Market on Thursdays, and special events like live musicians, and the upcoming February 12 & 13 16th Annual Coconut Point Art Festival.

VISIT is a new series of blog posts about visited and photographed locations in Southwest Florida and beyond by The Daily Artisan. The posts can be viewed on my website at:



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