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VISIT: Selby Gardens Historic Spanish Point in Osprey, Florida

Visiting Selby Gardens Historic Spanish Point in Osprey this week was a wonderful adventure roaming 30 acres with my camera on Little Sarasota Bay.

There is so much to experience here, from cultured, historic sunken gardens to native woodland trails, and I can’t believe it was my first – but definitely not my last – visit!

This post by The Daily Artisan is the eighth in a series of “VISIT” places I go and photograph. In addition to today’s post about Historic Spanish Point, the VISIT series’ earlier installments are provided below, with contact information and website links.

Maps and Information

These photographs of material provided with admission give a good description of not only what to see, but also the four primary areas of interest: Ancient Peoples, Pioneer History, The Palmer Legacy, and Plants.

Yesterday, I posted photographs from the Butterfly House, which is magnificent! Today’s post is for other pictures I took at Historic Spanish Point, and I highly recommend you visit this treasure of a location.

It seemed everywhere you turned, there was another beautiful thing to see and learn about – and I was reminded once again of the value of community-minded volunteers who make so many places like this extra special for visitors.

When you visit, be sure to take a camera because there is so much to photograph! Here are some of the sights and scenes from my visit – enjoy!

Sunken Garden and Pergola; White Cottage Cafe; Window to the Past Museum Exhibits; and Other Grounds

Woodland Walks and Trails; Footbridge; and Palmer Aqueduct and Jungle Walk

Trail Surprise

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned finding something on one of the trails that wasn’t on the map. It was this wonderful statue of a little girl with a fish, tucked away in the edge of the woods!

Interesting Tree Shape

The trees are beautiful throughout the property – and this one was especially interesting as it looks like a side view of the head, ear, and antlers of Bullwinkle the cartoon moose!

Mary’s Chapel, and Pioneer Cemetery

Guptill House; Pioneer Boat Yard; and A Window to the Bay

Webb Packing House

Native Flowers and Plants – including a (neon) Green Orchid Bee!

Back to Sunken Garden and Beautiful Bougainvillea

Selby Gardens Historic Spanish Point is located at 337 N. Tamiami Trail, Osprey, FL 34229. Telephone: (941) 966-5214. For more information, check out the website at https://selby.org. (It also includes information on the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens located in Sarasota, Florida.)

VISIT is a series of blog posts about visited and photographed locations in Southwest Florida and beyond by The Daily Artisan. The previous VISIT posts can be viewed on my website at:

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