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VISIT: Wild At Heart Flower Truck (Willow’s On The Move)!

Today was my first visit to the Wild at Heart Flower Truck – caught up with it at the Miromar Outlets Farmers Market – and it’s awesome!

If you live in Southwest Florida and haven’t heard about this bright-red, 1962 Ford Econoline truck that’s been converted into a mobile flower bar, you’re missing out.

And by the way, her name is “Willow!”

This post by The Daily Artisan is the ninth in a series of “VISIT” places I go and photograph. In addition to today’s post about Willow the Wild at Heart Flower Truck, the VISIT series’ earlier installments are provided below, with contact information and website links.

Whose Idea Was This, Anyway?!

Owners Heather and Brian came up with the idea for a mobile flower bar in Southwest Florida, and converted the cheerful truck for it. Willow is on the move all around our area at events, markets and festivals, and she’s a lot of fun to visit.

When you meet the owners, you’ll know immediately they’re a great match for happy flowers as they’re so nice and helpful to everyone who visits Willow! There’s such a positive energy and excitement around them that you’ll want to stay and chat a bit – for them, chasing this dream means bringing happiness through flowers.

How It Works

At the mobile flower bar, you can select and/or arrange your own flowers (with or without their help) from the large assortment of gorgeous stems – or you can purchase a pre-made arrangement.

I’ve been wanting to get some peonies in various stages of bloom to photograph, and that’s exactly what I came home with today.

The flowers at Wild at Heart Flower Truck come from Homestead, Florida, which is known for its commercial growers in native and exotic florals – and Willow’s fresh flowers show it. They’re high quality, yet very affordable.

Where’s Willow?

As more people are learning about this new flower bar, they’re inviting Willow to show up at their events, including farmers markets, downtown Fort Myers events like Art Walk, and more.

Be sure to check out the locations calendar on the Wild at Heart Flower Truck website (information provided below).

Can Willow Come To Me?

Willow can be booked for your business or personal events, and I can just imagine how excited people must be to show up for something where there’s a mobile flower bar!

My mind was racing with ideas on where Willow would be a great hit. If I had a business with employees, I’d hire Willow to come out to the parking lot on a special day (say employee appreciation week or something like it) and have all the employees stop by to receive a beautiful flower!

And, can you imagine an open house with Willow in your parking lot and outfitted with flowers in your company colors for your guests?

Or, I could see Willow at a wedding reception or engagement party. I’m pretty sure if you’d like the mobile flower bar at your event, Heather and Brian will figure it out! (Details on booking Willow are on their website.)

Extra Little Touches With Big Impact

It’s always the little things that matter most, right? I was so impressed with the pretty and practical wrapping to bring home your flowers.

Flowers from Willow are carefully wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine, and a logo sticker is affixed.

And inside that package, you’ll find a piece of foam soaked in cool water, placed in a small plastic bag, and tied around the base of your flowers to ensure freshness on your travel home.

And, lastly, there’s a pretty tag with instructions on how to keep your flowers beautiful!

Catch up with Willow and enjoy this great mobile flower bar! And check back tomorrow on The Daily Artisan for my photographs of the beautiful peonies I bought today – I’m thrilled with them!

For More Information

For more information on Willow the Wild at Heart Flower Truck – including calendar of locations you can visit – check out the website at https://wildatheartflowertruck.com. Telephone: (239) 258-2658. Social media on Instagram and Facebook: @wildatheartflowertruck.

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