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What Are YOUR Three Favorite Southern Foods??!

You can always bet on shrimp as being in the mix of my favorite foods!

If I had to choose three favorite Southern foods, they would be (1) fried mullet with cheese grits and hushpuppies; (2) shrimp and grits with cornbread; and (3) pecan pie … and yet there are SO many other contenders!

What are your top three??!

“During the meal I consume every last bite of my shrimp and grits, relishing the uniquely Southern combinations: tart lemon juice, savory scallions, crisp bacon, and a dash of paprika all mixed in with freshly grated Parmesan and creamy white cheddar. It’s been tossed with sautéed wild mushrooms and minced garlic, cayenne pepper, and Gulf shrimp, all atop a bowl of steaming Mississippi Delta stone-cut grits. My belly sings a psalm of thanks with every flavor-punched drop, and that doesn’t even count the homemade biscuits baked big as fists and the silver-dollar pickles fried deep with salt. Drown it all together with a swig of syrup-sweet tea, and the name of this country song would be ‘Welcome Home.’ ” 

―Julie Cantrell

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