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What’s the First Word that Pops into Your Head?

After last week’s launch of The Daily Artisan website, I received a note from someone important to me, and one sentence has stuck in my mind ever since: “Your photos are very dramatic, thoughtful, emotional even.”  I’ve not publicly shared much of my creative side over the years, so this newfound blogging about it is a different experience and I’m still finding my way with it. And this comes from someone who intentionally has had a non-existent social media presence due to my career!

I’m learning a lot about the nuts and bolts of blogging, but I’m also exploring what kinds of things I want to write about in these posts. Maybe that’s why those words have stuck with me in such a supportive way. I think anyone involved in doing anything creative will tell you it’s a constant struggle between wanting people to like your work vs. summoning up the courage to put it out there to be seen (and liked or not liked).  

Of course, I was thrilled with what was said, especially since I’ve never given much thought as to whether the photographs would or even could have an impact on other people. My photographs are personal, and sometimes emotional, to me because I lived the moments while taking them, but I figured this applied to just me.

This got me thinking today about how I would describe photographs I’ve taken, and what I would say about my connection to them if asked. I decided to pull a handful of them and quickly superimpose on them a word or phrase – the first word that popped into my head when looking at the photo. It wasn’t something I’ve done before but it was fun, and I thought you might like to think about what’s the first word that pops into YOUR head when you look at these photographs – enjoy!

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