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Who Lives In The Butterfly House at Historic Spanish Point?

There are so many beautiful things to see and photograph at Selby Gardens Historic Spanish Point in Osprey, Florida that it would be impossible to cover them all in one blog post! One of my favorites while recently visiting was the Butterfly House – it was full of residents everywhere you looked!

At first I was chasing around the butterflies trying to quickly grab photographs because they were constantly on the move, but finally I realized it made more sense to stand still, focus my camera on a flower, and wait for a butterfly to show up!

Tomorrow’s post by The Daily Artisan will be the full “VISIT” information for Historic Spanish Point along with more of my photographs, including Mary’s Chapel; Guptill House; Webb (citrus) Packing House; native plants and flowers; footbridges; and a surprise stumbled on along one of the wooded trails (and it’s not on the map)!

In the meantime, enjoy our winged friends from the Butterfly House at Historic Spanish Point!

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