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Why The Daily Artisan?

In 2021, I decided to leave an executive position and career I’d held for the past 27 ½ years as a founder of the organization.  With no concrete plans other than a sense I’d probably start a consulting business for crisis and executive communications given my background, I decided to first take a few months without deciding for certain just what I would do next.  I would let each day unfold with the unusual opportunity to wake up and decide what I wanted to do with my next 24 hours!

Each day I found myself choosing to do one of the fulfilling and creative pursuits that for my entire adult life have been marginally squeezed in where precious time away from my career would allow.  Photography and baking and writing and drawing and reading and painting came to the forefront, and my days now are devoted to these things that are filling my life with beauty and creativity.

Who would have guessed that the most uncertain (career-wise) time of my life could feel more certain and engaged than ever before?  I have found myself using my hands and heart to regularly create in a way that never seemed to find enough time before. 

Soon I realized I couldn’t go back to sidelining what matters most to me, and thus the idea of The Daily Artisan came to be as a gathering space to share things that bring me to this centered place and to encourage and inspire others to find those things that can do the same for them in making a more creative life. 

Recently I read a quote from American music composer Truman Fisher that goes like this: “The pause is as important as the note.”  Well, I don’t think this for me is a pause because it surely feels like the note!

The Daily Artisan celebrates, inspires, and infuses more creativity into our daily lives, and I’m looking forward to connecting with you on these website pages featuring a daily blog, photography galleries, and an e-commerce store with some of my work for sale.  All the website photographs are my original work, as are the photography subjects including the foods baked, decorated, and styled; the artwork and illustration; and the paper and other crafts.  Be sure to read my first blog post “Welcome to The Daily Artisan!” about my family background that taught me to value the enriched life that’s found in the creative life.

Let’s get creative!

Susan Evans

The Daily Artisan

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