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300+ Photography Competition Wins!

Great news to report for The Daily Artisan!

One year ago yesterday (May 22, 2022), I was blessed with my FIRST photography competition win on Instagram, and during the past year I’ve been happy to share with my followers additional wins. The last date I reported on wins was February 14 (2023), when I was pleased to reach 220 wins!

Well, fast forward to today — and while I’m woefully behind in announcing the latest wins (and working on a compilation of the photos) — I’m excited to announce 307 TOTAL WINS to date! 

A year ago I remember wondering if/when I could possibly reach 25 wins — and as they say, the rest is history! During the past six weeks, I’ve been immersing myself (deeply) in learning how to make video reels of my photographs set to music and other effects (hence my delay in compiling the latest winning photographs), while still entering Instagram photography competitions.

Thanks to all who’ve encouraged and followed my photos and posts on Instagram, Facebook, and website for The Daily Artisan! And here’s to the next however many wins I can hopefully find!

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May 22, 2023



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