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Bounty Of Blessings – Two More Photographs Selected Today As Features on Instagram!

This has been an exciting day as two more of my photographs were selected as Instagram hub features while I was at Naples Botanical Garden this morning photographing flowers!

Tomorrow’s blog post by The Daily Artisan will showcase flower photographs from the Garden, but for now, I’m posting about the selected photographs!

As I’m learning more about Instagram, it has included identifying various hubs with themes for photography competitions. The first photograph selected today is by one of the hubs that focus on rust/patina items, so I entered this picture because it fits that bill as rusty blue metal!

This particular Instagram hub is @myrustyfix, and has 5,309 followers. Its sister hub is @mytexturefix, with 8,431 followers.

It’s wonderful to have this opportunity to enter photography competitions so that when my photos are selected, it introduces The Daily Artisan to new friends. Since my photograph was featured in the hub’s gallery today, there have been 130 “likes” at this point on the hub page from new people – indeed a bounty of blessings!

Here’s the Instagram announcement about the selection – thank you, @myrustyfix!

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