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Exciting Photography News!

Today I received my 155th photography win in Instagram competitions, and it was an EXTRA special one!

As my followers know, I’ve been entering various photography competitions in an effort to introduce The Daily Artisan to a broader audience. Feature hubs on Instagram often have many followers (more than I have as an individual), and when hubs announce a new competition, many will select someone’s photograph as the backdrop for the theme announcement.

Today, for the first time ever, I had one of my photographs selected for a hub announcement. It was chosen by the hub @nothingisordinary_, and I am over the moon!

This hub, @nothingisordinary_, has 61,600 followers (!), and the themed competition announced was “Something Red.”

My recently posted photograph shown here was featured for today’s announcement — along with the following:

“How wonderful is this photo by ✨ @thedailyartisan ✨? Thank you so much for the awesome inspiration! 

Please go visit Susan’s beautiful gallery and share some love!✨❤️”

-Nothing is ordinary_ hub

As the song goes, celebration … good times! I’m thrilled!

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December 3, 2022
December 5, 2022



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