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Fading Beauty

Day 10 of the Paloma Roses I recently photographed and posted arrived today, and I’m surprised by the color change in the faded version.

The freshly bought flowers reminded me of strawberry cheesecake with their hot-pink petal edges and creamy interiors. But today they look more like black raspberry ice cream (to keep the food analogy going)!

Often people will throw out week-old flowers, thinking their beauty is gone. But, not so fast! Fading, dying flowers take on soft and dreamy hues with vintage tones – they’re beautiful!

Because I’ve kept the Paloma Roses in fresh water since I brought them home, the leaves and stems still are green – but they’re starting to age like the flowers.

I enjoyed photographing these fading treasures today and seeing a different dimension of beauty from them. Enjoy!

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September 2, 2022



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