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Part 1: Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours

A recent visit to historic Babcock Ranch (the 73,000-acre preserve) in Punta Gorda, Florida was a photographer’s dream! 

This week I’m posting some of my photographs, themed around alligators; cows, frogs and birds; cypress swamps and knees; scenic woods; and wild flora. This storied property was part of an original 156,000 acres, with intriguing history dating back to the 1800s. 

Tarpon Blue Land & Resource Management manages the preserve for the State of Florida – and invites the public on a variety of daily tours through its Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours. These popular educational and scenic tours include school buses converted into open-air swamp buggies; walking; specialty night and photography; and groups.

The land also serves as a working cattle ranch, and there’s a great old-Florida restaurant (the Gator Shack) and gift shop. Check out Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours @babcockranchecotour on Instagram and Facebook, as well as its website and Tripadvisor.

When leaving Babcock Ranch, all I could think about was wanting to come back for another visit! It’s an amazing experience into TRUE old Florida ecosystems, where stewards take great care to respect and preserve history for generations to come. It’s a special place.

Check back later this week for Part 2’s photographs — and in the meantime, enjoy today’s collection of cypress swamps and knees; alligators; cows; birds; frogs; and scenic woods!

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