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Photograph Selected – Over the Moon!

Last week I posted on The Daily Artisan about entering an Instagram photography competition with the theme of red and pink – and I’m excited to report that this rosebud picture was selected today as a feature photograph!

This particular hub on Instagram is @colorquestweekly, and for the red and pink theme there were 32 photographs selected and displayed in eight grids of four each.

Earlier today I was at Naples Botanical Garden shooting gorgeous flowers when I stopped for water, randomly checked my phone, and had a message that my photograph had been selected! (Repeat … over the moon!)

There are so many amazing photographers on Instagram that I imagine they’ve been featured multiple times, but you have to start somewhere, as they say, and I’m thrilled! I’ve pasted below the Instagram announcement screenshots (basically because I want to keep reading them …)!

Thank you @colorquestweekly – I’m honored and happy!

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Photography – May 18, 2022

Today I entered my second-ever photography competition on Instagram, and the theme for this challenge is red and pink.

Recently I posted about my first such competition (black and purple theme), and while four others’ pictures were chosen, I caught the social media competition bug!

Today’s Red and Pink Challenge

For the red and pink challenge, I entered three photographs of flowers (one hyacinth, and two cottage roses) – and two photographs including my recently acquired 1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille metal car.

One is the pink car on a pick surface and against a red backdrop, and the other one involved building a house/castle!

Brick by Brick

Last night when I was photographing the pink car, I noticed a bag of Legos I sometimes use to prop up food when I’m shooting. The bag contains a variety of brick colors – including red and pink – so I quickly separated them from the rest and got to work.

I don’t know about you but it’s been many years (decades, actually) since I’ve built anything with Legos, and it was so much fun!

Starting out, I constructed a pink house with a red front door and two red windows. However, when you have a pile of red and pink bricks in front of you, stopping at a simple house is impossible! I kept adding on to the house with recessed columns and turrets, and soon it looked more like a castle.

The pink toy car is 5″, and the house/castle is 4.5″ wide – proving that in the magical world of playland, our cars can be bigger than our houses!

Ah, such fun … to play like a child all in the quest for a photograph!

Red and Pink Submissions

Here are the five photographs I submitted for today’s red and pink challenge. (Below I’m keeping a running log for the various contest submissions.)

Wish me luck in today’s red and pink photography challenge!


Black and Purple Challenge (May 2, 2022)

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