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So, So Swoonworthy …

Let me just say that hydrangeas make me swoon! My favorite colors are blues and purples, but I also enjoy pinks, whites, and greens. 

The Food Photography Scouting Trip

Yesterday, I was in the market on a scouting trip for food photography – definitely not there for flowers (famous last words). I rounded the aisle and spied (only) one available bunch of multi-colored hydrangeas in colors I’ve never seen.

They’re a combination of shades of green, cream, burgundy, brown, and pinkish-peach – and I wasted no time in rushing up and grabbing them before someone else could take them home!

The Initial Plan

My plan was to photograph them this morning when the natural light would be better since yesterday we were in the middle of a typically big thunderstorm for this time of year in south Florida. 

The two below photograph of the hydrangeas indeed were taken today. As for the above one, well, that’s another story.

The Beautiful Surprise!

As the storm was subsiding yesterday, I wanted to cut down the long stems to be ready for this morning’s photographs. I placed the hydrangeas into a water-filled vase I particularly like and in front of a photo backdrop I would be using so I could get the flowers’ right height. 

All of a sudden, the skies parted – and a gorgeous Golden Hour (make that exactly 6 minutes, no hour!) emerged. I grabbed my camera and got some shots off before the magical light was gone as suddenly as it appeared! 

Don’t you just love beautiful surprises you didn’t see coming??!

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September 14, 2022
September 16, 2022



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