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My Photography Competitions for Pastel, and Delicate Themes

Yesterday I posted about a couple more Instagram photography challenges I’ve entered, and their themes are pastel, and delicate. The great thing about these competitions is you’re given very general themes and you come up with how you want to represent it in your photos!

For these two themes, I used the same approach and photography props — 10 miniature tulips; a ribbon of rosettes lace; a piece of flocked, polka-dotted tulle material; a cupcake stand; and various small vases.

Today’s post by The Daily Artisan are these photographs — the ones I entered, and some others. Fingers crossed they’ll be well received!

Pastels, and Delicate Submissions

Here are the six (enlargeable) photographs I submitted for the two challenges — and below are some others.

Photography Props for the Pictures

Other Photographs with the Props

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