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Photograph of Purple Tulips Selected as Instagram Feature!

Exciting news to share – oh, my gosh! Last week I entered some pictures (found in the below post) into an Instagram challenge with the theme of purple, and this picture of purple tulips in a glass vase has been selected as a featured photograph!

For this particular competition, the Instagram hub is @colorchasechallenge, and the purple theme runs for the month of May. You can enter as many photographs (containing purple) as you’d like throughout the month, and mine is the fourteenth one selected for a feature so far during May.

For those not on Instagram (and newbies there like me), receiving this feature means The Daily Artisan is featured prominently by the hub @colorchasechallenge with its 2,899 followers. It brings new people to The Daily Artisan’s Instagram page, and also to my website – which is awesome for a new enterprise like mine.

Here’s the Instagram announcement about the selection – thank you, @colorchasechallenge!

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Antique Porcelain Dolls Meet Fresh-Cut Purple Tulips!

Photography – May 19, 2022

Pairing old and new makes for interesting photographs, and it’s especially enjoyable when there are distinct differences in colors, textures, and sizes.

For today’s photography challenge, I assigned myself the task of featuring eight little antique dolls from my collection along with fresh-cut purple tulips – and they were a match made in heaven!

The Dolls

The vintage dolls are made of porcelain and bisque, and range in height from 2″ to 4.5″, shorter than a tea cup.

Some I found in antique stores over the years, and some were childhood toys of my mother, who gave them to me. (I think she’s going to enjoy seeing them in this surprise blog post on The Daily Artisan!)

The Flowers

When thinking of photographing my dolls – some of which are nearing 100 years old – I considered various things to add to the scene, but nothing felt quite right so I put off doing the pictures.

Then, one day in the store I saw these beautiful, miniature tulips in vibrant purple, and it was an immediate lock in my mind.

After bringing home the tulips, they were trimmed to around 7″ tall to pair with the dolls. My thought was photographs with a minimalistic look in order to really highlight the features of the dolls and flowers, so I shot them simply with a dark background.

Some of the photographs are being entered into Instagram challenges for the purple color theme – and whether or not they’re selected, the porcelain dolls will stand out in my mind as especially charming amongst the purple tulips!

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