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Sweetest Mama And Baby

This afternoon I spent some time communing with cows, including this adorable mama and baby pair!

The little one was at times rambunctious, shy, hungry, and curious about my camera and me. I loved her little face — and those two brown front legs, and two white back legs.

Snack Time!

Here, the baby was having a milk snack (so messy – just look at her face, and how some’s spilling on the ground!) – while mama was looking at me as to say, “Isn’t my baby adorable??!”

And, yes, they both were beautiful!

Who’s Watching Who??

Here, the baby was watching me intently, and (maybe) listening to me talk to her??!

Just Playin’, Mama!

Here, the baby was running in circles around mama, while peeking my way every so often.

They were so sweet together!

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October 20, 2022



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