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Bits and Bobs – The Second

Today is the second of The Daily Artisan posts in the “Bits and Bobs” series that features random and brief items.

And, as noted in the first such post, unlike the American term “Odds and Ends,” I’m using the British “Bits and Bobs” in honor of Queen Elizabeth!

Today’s items are updates on The Daily Artisan itself, so without further ado, here’s “Bits and Bobs – The Second.”

SALE: All 2022 Calendars Further Reduced to 50% Off

Starting today, The Daily Artisan’s 2022 calendars have been reduced to 50% off the original price while supplies last.

One calendar features my photographs of beautiful oceans, lakes, beaches, and scenes during the blue hour as shot on location, and the other calendar highlights colorful fruits and vegetables as shot in still-life mode.

Photography backstories for the calendars can be read in a previous blog post.

Featuring all original photographs by Susan Evans, the 12-month calendars and their photographs can be viewed at:

The Beautiful Blues: 2022 Calendar (12 Months) – The Beautiful Blues

Farm Fruits and Vegetables: 2022 Calendar (12 Months) – Farm Fruits and Vegetables

Coupon Code for 50% Savings:

At checkout in the Shop, enter coupon code CALOFF50 to take advantage of the 50% discount!

This is the final price reduction so if you’ve had your eye on a calendar, now’s the time to place your order!

New Website Feature – Blog Post Archive

There’s a new feature on The Daily Artisan website – a searchable, sortable archive of all blog posts to date.

If you’re looking for something, just enter a term in the search box.

Also, you can sort posts by category, for example, by clicking on “Arts & Crafts,” “Baking & Cooking,” “Creative Lifestyle,” or “Photography.” (I recently combined the original “Art” and “Crafting” categories into one new “Arts & Crafts” category.)

To access the archive from the homepage, simply click on “BLOG,” and then “ARCHIVE OF ALL POSTS,” as shown here:

Once on the “POST ARCHIVE” page, the “Search” box is available, as are the various hyperlinked buttons for sorting. When you’re finished or would like to return to the original screen, click on “Reset” – all shown here:

Happy searching/sorting/archive hunting!

New Product Coming Soon to The Daily Artisan Online Shop

Soon to be offered in the online store of The Daily Artisan are custom jigsaw puzzles from some of my photographs!

The puzzles will come in three sizes:

  • 252 pieces (11″ x 14″);
  • 520 pieces (16″ x 20″); and
  • 1,014 pieces (20″ x 30″).

A prototype was shown in the recent post recognizing National Puzzle Day, and if you missed it, here’s my photograph from a Georgia lake that was used for the puzzle:

And, this photo shows the gift box (with the puzzle image on the top) that each puzzle comes in (along with a plastic bag to hold the pieces inside the box):

Each puzzle of my photographs is custom made to order by a professional printing company, and the pieces are printed on luxurious Fujicolor Crystal Archive glossy paper.

The prototype puzzle has “Photography by Susan Evans” in the bottom right corner, but the ones sold in my online store will come standard without it.

Stay tuned for more details when puzzles are added to The Daily Artisan’s online shop!

Other Products in The Daily Artisan Online Store

The Daily Artisan’s online shop offers the following note card sets of my original photography:

Each note card set includes eight different photographs along with envelopes, and they’re custom printed on satin paper that’s not only pretty but also smudge-proof for your writing.

Photography backstories for the note card sets can be read in a previous blog post.

The online shop also contains an item for Custom Orders – please use this when ordering prints of any photographs in my online Galleries or in any of the blog posts.

It’s been fun to see pictures of some of my photographs now hanging on the walls in homes of customers who’ve ordered prints from The Daily Artisan!

It Happened … on January 20, 2022!

When I started my business The Daily Artisan, LLC and its website and blog, I knew it would take some time for Internet searches to show it as a result – but last month on January 20, it happened!

This was the first time when entering “The Daily Artisan” as a search term on both Google and Safari, my business came up for me as the first search result. Needless to say, this was quite exciting!

I’m working on expanding the online presence for The Daily Artisan, and I want to add my online store to my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

However, I need more followers in order to be eligible to do this … so … if you’re so inclined and would be so kind, please follow me on social media, and also ask your friends and family to do the same. Together, we’ll be able to get The Daily Artisan before more and more people!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and following my daily blog and supporting my small business. I realize your time is precious, and spending some of it with The Daily Artisan means more to me than I can put into words.

Thank you!

So, there’s the second Bits and Bobs from The Daily Artisan, and I hope you enjoyed these updates!

February 7, 2022



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