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Grateful To Have Two More Photographs Selected Today As Instagram Features!

My Saturday started off pretty quiet but it quickly turned exciting when I learned one of my photographs had been selected as an Instagram hub feature, and then later a second one by a different hub!

The first photograph selected is this shot of the floating mosaic plant I recently posted about after a visit to Naples Botanical Garden. This competition theme was “Mint Green” by Instagram hub @colorquestweekly, and mine is part of a four-photograph grid featured on the hub’s gallery.

Mint green and pink are the colors of the individual pieces of these amazing plants at the Garden, and I’m thrilled to have another photograph selected by @colorquestweekly as this hub was the first to choose one of my photos in Instagram competitions!

The hub currently has 933 followers, who’ve again been introduced to The Daily Artisan through the featured photograph.

Here’s the Instagram announcement about the selection – thank you, @colorquestweekly!

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