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Instagram Hub Selects Curvy Reflections Photograph for Feature Today!

In my earlier post, I described today as exciting with two photographs selected as features by Instagram hubs. The second photo is this one of the curvy reflections of a house and trees onto a Georgia lake, and it was selected by Instagram hub @greenlights_shuttery.

Yesterday’s post in my blog on The Daily Artisan was about this photograph – and how I had a very short time to quickly get a few shots while the water still was moving and the reflections were curvy. It was pretty dramatic to see it unfold before my eyes and camera!

The particular Instagram hub that selected the photo for a feature is @greenlights_shuttery, part of a family of hubs that includes @microlights_shuttery which recently selected my two small purple and white flowers photograph.

The @greenlights_shuttery hub is for landscape and nature photography, and I’m so happy for The Daily Artisan to be introduced to its 140 followers.

Here’s the Instagram announcement about the selection – thank you, @greenlights_shuttery!

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