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Just Because You Like It Doesn’t Mean You Should Have It!

The gorgeous orchid flower is a reminder to me that just because you like something doesn’t necessarily mean you should have it! My sister-in-law once gave me the most stunning pink orchid, and I swear I’d killed it before she had gotten home.

Having said this, I love to photograph orchids. They’re one of the most regal flowers, and the variety of colors – including multi-colored hybrids – makes them all the more interesting.

Like most flowers, there are symbolic meanings for the different colors of orchids.

  • Purple stands for admiration, respect and royalty;
  • White for innocence, purity and elegance;
  • Yellow for friendship, happiness and new beginnings;
  • Pink for femininity, grace and joy;
  • Orange for creativity, boldness and enthusiasm;
  • Red for love, desire, and courage;
  • Blue for rarity, uniqueness and spirituality; and
  • Green for nature, blessings and good fortune.

And while my thumb clearly is not green when it comes to orchids, at least my camera is a way to bring them close! Here are some of my favorite orchid photographs shot over the years.

Do you like orchids? What’s your favorite orchid color? Please comment below!

December 28, 2021



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