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2022 Color of the Year Announced

The Pantone Color Institute has announced its Color of the Year for 2022 – Very Peri!

Pantone describes Very Peri as “a color whose courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity,” and “blending the faithfulness and consistency of blue with the energy and excitement of red to introduce an empowering mix.”

When I look at color swatches of Very Peri, I see beautiful purple and violet hues from the combination of blue and red, like this picture I took of an unusual Georgia sunset over the lake.

Recognized as the world’s leading authority on color – and providing a universal language of color formulations – Pantone started naming a color of the year in 2000, and this is the first time the company has custom created a color for the program.

Designers, artists, creatives, and stylists around the world wait with anticipation for the annual announcement – watch for it as you’ll soon see Very Peri in textiles, clothing, home decor, and more!

My knowledge of Pantone came in my first job after college with a public relations and advertising firm, where I used a Pantone Color Formula Guide to select colors when designing logos and other graphics for print materials and campaigns.

I’ve written about my treasured Pantone Guide in The Daily Artisan posts That Turquoise Skirt! and Cotton Candy, Strawberry Ice Cream, Bubble Gum … Pink!

And, although it’s dated, I still use it to this day when thinking about colors for my projects!

Since I was young, I’ve thought of purple and violet as magical colors, and they often inspire my photography and painting, and make me think about writing tales of characters clothed in purples deep in canopied green forests.

While these are not all the exact tone of 2022 Color of the Year Very Peri, here are some of my photographs in purples!

Have you seen the 2022 Color of the Year Very Peri? What does it make you think of? Be sure to comment below!

December 31, 2021



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    December 31, 2021

    Not sure how to comment on your blog. It is an age thing! Here goes nothing…Love the color for 2022…
    EL. 😁

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      Susan Evans

      December 31, 2021

      Thanks, Elaine – and your commenting worked perfectly! Happy New Year!


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