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One Pineapple. Eight Pink Daisies. One Flower Frog.

It’s fun to challenge yourself (and your camera) to come up with interesting photographs styled with unrelated things like one pineapple and eight pink daises from this weekend. I also added an antique flower frog to the mix!

If you’re not familiar with a flower frog, it’s really not an amphibian but rather a cage-like device for arranging flowers. This one is a metal top to a glass vase which sits in a stand, and you thread flower stems into the openings. (I also have a larger, all-metal flower frog used for art markers, seen in photos from some of my previous blog posts like this one for The Daily Artisan.)

But back to the pineapple and pink daisies!

While roaming around trying to decide what I wanted to photograph, I noticed similar green colors in the center of light pink Gerbera daisies and their stems – and a fresh pineapple. And although these flowers and fruit don’t necessarily go together, I brought them home for my photography challenge.

Actually there are four light pink daisies and four hot pink ones, along with the Del Monte pineapple. Some, although not all, of the photographs contain both the pineapple and pink daises, and it was a lot of fun to come up with some different angles like shooting from behind and underneath the flowers.

Toward the end, I removed the crown, made holes in the pineapple, and placed two of the daisies into it like a vase. There were lots of ways to use the items I selected for the photographs.

And when I finished, I had beautiful pink flowers for my house this coming week, as well as tasty pineapple rings in the refrigerator after breaking down the fruit!


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