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Throwback To Earlier Post

A (1) piece of burlap; (2) Kodak 35mm camera that went through the Korean War with Daddy; (3) $4 bunch of carnations; and (4) shopkeeper’s antique ledger with daily coat sales and the weather.

Today’s blog post is a throwback to an earlier one that’s been on my mind lately.

I’m always interested in the juxtaposition of different textures for photographs, and these items gave a lot to work with — from the coarse burlap; the velvety, ruffled petals of the carnations; the folding-metal 35mm film camera and its still-smooth brown leather case; and the creamy-soft ledger paper with meticulous pencil-written notes each day.

See more photos and read about how they came together in the previous post “Four Items + Your Imagination” by The Daily Artisan!

August 17, 2022



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