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Throwback To The Pears!

As I’ve posted about before, one of my favorite things to bake (and photograph from start to finish) is the galette — a rustic, delicious dessert created by the French (but of course)! 

You can fill the pastry with fruits or meats – and my favorites are galettes made with blueberries, strawberries, peaches, or nectarines.

Wandering the market aisles for photography subjects is fun, and when I spied the most gorgeous pears to shoot, I knew they had to go into a galette — even though I don’t like pears. 

Or at least I THOUGHT I didn’t like pears my entire adult life until these galettes — amazingly delicious! (And just before serving, don’t forget the scoop of Tillamook vanilla bean ice cream on top of the hot galette to create rivulets of melting cream … ahhh.)

Check out my throwback blog post “I Didn’t Know I Liked Pears until Today — Photographing, Baking, and Eating Them!” for the story and many more photographs. Here’s an excerpt from the blog post: “And, then, they caught my eye. Unmistakably. Unabashedly. Unwaveringly.”

Just call me a pear fan now — making up for all those missed years!

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