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Where’s Your “Go To” Place?

Since I was a girl, my favorite “go to” place is the beach on the island of Boca Grande, Florida, and this night was an especially pretty sunset where purples rolled in on top of blues and yellows over the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s important to have a place (or places) we’re drawn to over and over in our lives. Boca Grande, for me, is that place – in times of good and bad, celebration and sorrow, and all the wonderful things in between that make up life.

There are so many beautiful things to photograph on Boca Grande, from early morning light to the end of the day like this night on the beach. If I had to pick a favorite part of it all, it would be sitting on your screened porch as dusk comes in and listening to the waves hit the shoreline deep into the night. It truly is the best!

Where’s your “go to” place in the world?



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