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Your Creativity Should Be Fun!

Whether your creative endeavors are drawing, painting, music, photography or name your own personal favorite, they should be fun!

And while there’s a serious time to learn and perfect your craft, we shouldn’t forget to spend time just enjoying what drew us to the creative outlet in the first place.

This afternoon, each time I walked by my drafting table I had an urge to play with the watercolors. There were some other things I needed to accomplish with this time, but I finally gave in to the paints for an hour of pure fun.

I wasn’t looking to draw and paint something that would end up in a frame or be memorialized in any way. I wasn’t looking to try something new or practice something needing improvement.

All I wanted to do was mix clear water with watercolor paints – and draw and ink something quickly so I’d have something to paint. I wanted to play with colors!

Since I wasn’t looking to create a new paper doll, for example, or anything original, I selected three of my existing photographs used in previous postings to The Daily Artisan blog – a tulip, a cow, and a shell.

I pulled them up on my iPad and made rough pencil sketches of them; inked them; and then got messy with the watercolors – which is exactly what I wanted to do.

It was great to casually have fun with a creative outlet I enjoy, with nothing serious or stressful or concerning. Just play!

Here are some photographs of the three items (taken with my cell phone – didn’t even get out my good camera). I used removable masking tape to create a frame for the edges of the little paintings, which are around 2 1/2″ x 4″.

Be sure to take a little time every so often to just have fun with your creativity. You’ll come away refreshed and also reminded of why you enjoy what you enjoy so much!

How do you have playful fun with your creativity? Please comment below!



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