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What Do Radishes, Raspberries, and Roses Have in Common? (Think Red!)

In keeping with yesterday’s post theme of blue photographs, today’s is a collection of my red photographs. The color red really draws you in, and I’m always excited to find red things to photograph!

My red photos range from fruits, vegetables, desserts, birds, art projects, and flowers – to – 18-foot tall statues called “Ostriches” that greet visitors to Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Gardens.

A couple of previous posts of The Daily Artisan included some red. In “Reverie of Reds” I showcased red fruits and vegetables, and “VISIT: Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Gardens” featured my photographs (including the “Ostriches”) and visit information for this great Punta Gorda destination.

The below photographs are compiled in a single layout, so you can enlarge the first one and click/swipe through to the last picture.

Of all the colors in the rainbow, red is the one cited most often as related to adventure, passion, energy, excitement, and courage. What does red do for you?!

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